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Submitted on
January 5, 2012


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So for all of you that don't know, my sister is a lesbian. I am fine with it, just saying.

My sister (Jaimee, pronounced Jaime) and her girlfriend (Holly) were on the late bus after school today. The high school (her school) and the middle school (sadly, my school) have the same late buses. *Late bus is for if you stay after school hours for a subject if you are missing assignments and you take the bus to a stop blah blah blah regular bus stuff.* So, Jaimee was cuddling with Holly, and these 2 dumb bitches from my school start whispering "Lesbian, dike, freak" to each other. They were talking about Jaimee and Holly.  Holly then started getting upset/pissed. So, Jaimee took Holly's face in her hands and made out with Holly in front of the bitches. Jaimee then smiled at the bitches and said "Homophobia is gay, cunts!"

I really wish I was there. But sadly, I was not. :(  I am proud of her for many reasons.
1. She stood up for herself
2.Stood up for what she believes in
3. She quoted Frank :3

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pentagram-wish Jan 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
you have probably the best sister EVER
FromLoveToDeath Jan 6, 2012  Student Photographer
I know I do(:
your sister is awesome! :D
DarkAngelAlways25 Jan 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Your sister is awesome. It's awesome she isn't afraid to show who she is. It's awesome that she stands up for herself-and the one she loves-like that. I wish I could do that, but no, things got so bad for me I wound up just like quitting...I only went to the first 3 days of high school and I was like nope I'm done. Once again your sister is fuckin' awesome even if I don't personally know her I love her for standing up for herself-and her girlfriend-like that. :D love is love no matter what. :heart:
1053GOOSE Jan 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
im half crying i love jai tell her i said im proud of her for doing whats right :)
FromLoveToDeath Jan 5, 2012  Student Photographer
I will :)
maxymoo13 Jan 5, 2012  Student Photographer
you sister is supreme awesomeness!
XvictoryXvenomX Jan 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Homophobia is gay.

Love is love no matter who it's between and the sooner our world realizes this the sooner the world will be a better place. I don't even know your sister, but I love her because she is amazing for being unafraid to be who she is, standing up for herself and the one she loves, and because--of course-- she quoted Fwankiee!
your sister is beast.
FromLoveToDeath Jan 5, 2012  Student Photographer
I know :)
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